All our products are nomite certified

Our products comply with the European NOMITE certification, which verifies that our down products do not contain house/dust mites.
The case is so closely woven that the house-dust mite cannot penetrate the duvet.

Moreover, all our products are allergy neutral as they can be washed at 60° C – the house-dust mite dies at 55° C.

Many people mistakenly believe that they are allergic to down. Only less than 0.5% are allergic to down and feathers, the culprit is usually allergy to house-dust mites. The symptoms of allergies to house-dust mites can include clogged nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, red and swollen eyes as well as exacerbation of child eczema and asthma. The symptoms are very much like the symptoms of hay fever.

House-dust mites have optimal living conditions when the air humidity is high and the temperature is between 17 and 32 degrees, as is often the case with bedrooms. It is the enzymes in mite faeces and fragments of dead house-dust mites that can cause allergies. A house-dust mite can excrete 200 times its own weight in excrements per day.