Duvets and pillow last longer when properly maintained

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To get the most out of your quilt and pillow for many years, it is important that you keep them in good condition. Do not cover the bed with a bedspread immediately after getting up in the morning. This will allow the duvet to get rid of the moisture it has absorbed during the night. Shake your duvet before you make the bed. This keeps your duvet fluffy, light and airy. Remember to shake it from different sides so that the filling is kept evenly distributed.

Now and then it is a good idea to put the duvet or the pillow in a tumble-dryer to remove the moisture, and the duvet or pillow will become nice, soft and airy again.

You should air both your duvet and pillow outside as often as possible, but always with their case on and never in direct sunlight as this can damage the natural lanolin layer that protects the down and the feathers.

It is important to avoid vacuuming or beating the duvet. Use a soft brush instead.

Continuous maintenance is important for the life span of your duvet and pillow…