Do not you want to sleep well every night with a good conscience Therefore, Flora Danica only applies the industry’s most demanding requirements.



STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an international, independent product testing system for textiles. Among other things, the standard ensures that down duvets and pillows have the highest health-related quality and are not harmful to the consumer.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® has four product classes which differ in the amount of residual chemicals allowed in the finished product. The classification does not appear on the label.

All Flora Danica products are certified according to the strictest Class I requirements, i.e. our products are suitable for babies.

The Class I standard has some very low limit values for, among other things:

  • Formaldehyde (can cause allergies)
  • Heavy metals (can cause eczema and damage internal organs and the central nervous system)
  • Pesticides (can affect the nervous system, internal organs and fertility)




The NOMITE mark is the consumer’s guarantee that the down product does not harbour house-dust mites. The case is woven so tightly that neither house-dust mites nor their food or flakes of human skin can penetrate it.

Contrary to many myths, down and feathers do not cause allergic reactions. The culprit is usually the house-dust mite and there are many scientific studies documenting this. People allergic to house-dust mites can therefore safely buy down products bearing the NOMITE mark. Down products are washable at 60° C, which is hot enough to kill house-dust mites.

Downafresh® greenLine


Downafresh® greenLine is your guarantee of a purely quality product that is manufactured according to the strictest requirements in Europe. This means that the raw materials are washed according to regulations so that they meet a purity requirement and that they are dried at more than 100 ° C.

This ensures safety for removal of several elements such as: H5N1 strain (bird flu), keratin (dandruff and feather dandruff), bacteria and fungi, soap residues and other organic residues.



Down and feathers can be certified in 3 classes pursuant to the EN12934 standard. All Flora Danica products are of class 1, which means that all down and feathers are new and of the highest quality.

The other two classes are for inferior qualities. If the product declaration does not say anything about “class”, the product in question might be a Class 3 product. This class permits the use of more than 15% recycled down (down that other people have slept in) as well as other foreign materials.

Always make sure that a product is labelled as class 1 in order to ensure a duvet or a pillow with nice new down. This is why Flora Danica’s labels are always marked ”class 1”.