Duvets and pillows

Duvets and pillows
The concept of Flora Danica is based on traditional Danish craftsmanship and design, composed exclusively of the nature’s own raw materials: clean and fluffy down embraced by lovely soft cotton.
Flora Danica er produceret i Danmark

Made in Denmark

All our production takes place at our factory in Lunderskov. It is Danish craft that have made your new duvet and pillow from the inside to the outside. We are proud of that!
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Flora Danica Pillows

Flora Dania hypoallergenic pillows are available in many different heights and qualities. It is important that you choose the right height for your new pillow. The height depends on whether you lie most often on your back, on your side or on your stomach.

To get the best full night’s sleep, it is important that you have a good pillow with good support. Remember to try the pillow in the store before choosing the right one.

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Simon Pauli - Flora Danica

Flora Danica & Simon Pauli

All Flora Danica products are based on Simon Pauli’s fantastic work, and all our duvets and pillows are named after plants mentioned in this book.
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Hypoallergenic duvets and pillows

All Flora Danica duvets and pillows comply with the European NOMITE certification, which is proof that our products do not contain house dust mites. Our pillowcase is so tightly knit that house dust mites cannot reach through to the down.
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