How to wash your duvets and pillows

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We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed without thinking about the maintenance or the washing of our duvets and pillows. Every night we release more than 0.5 litres of liquid, some with exhaled air, but most in the form of sweat.

Some of the sweat is absorbed by the duvet and the pillow, which causes the down and the feathers to gradually become lumpy. The duvet feels heavier and its insulating properties are reduced.

No product tolerates water better than down and feathers from geese and ducks. After all, these birds spend more time in the water than on land! Furthermore, the cases of duvets and pillows are made of 100% cotton and are also washable.

Wash the down duvet in a 7 kg washing machine at 60°C. Spin-dry it well and tumble-dry it together with a shoe or a couple of tennis balls for up to 3-4 hours. Take the duvet out of the tumble-dryer and shake it well several times while it dries out. It is very important that the duvets are completely dry, otherwise they can go mouldy.
Pillows can be washed in an ordinary 5 kg washing machine.

Always remember to use a detergent suitable for down washing. The detergent must be enzyme-free. Always follow the washing instructions on your down product and the dosage instructions of the detergent.
It is easy to use descaler with enzyme-free detergent, as it often contains citric acid that does not damage the duvet or pillow.

Products with eiderdown must not be washed. These must be dry-cleaned.